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Sat, Nov 28, 2020
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American-Hungarian Community


For 17 years, we have remembered, at Fairfield Town Hall, the many “pesti srác”, and others who fought and died for freedom of Hungary in 1956.

We thank the First Selectwoman of Fairfield, CT, Brenda Kupchik, for putting this in this week’s official Newsletter:
“This past weekend I enjoyed attending the Magyar Studies of America annual commemoration for the anniversary of the 1956 Freedom Fight by placing a wreath at the memorial plaque behind Independence Hall.  Thank you to Zsuzsa Lengyel for organizing and State Representative Laura Devlin for joining me and my fellow Hungarians for this special program.”

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Karolina Tima Szabó

Wallingford Food Festival
Once again, the Wallingford Hungarian Community Club is having a Food Festival, offering Hungarian specialties for take-out on November 14th, between noon and 3 pm.   See the full story...