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From Bálványosvár to Staten Island ... and Beyond!

Eva Apor Balintitt
From Bálványosvár to Staten Island ... and Beyond!

“Oh, to live to be 100!” - sounds more romantic than it really is.  The phrase “Golden Years” must have been coined by someone young and healthy, who imagined old age to be just a continuation of feeling invincible.  In reality, the bane of the senior years is not just one’s own increasing health problems; it is also comparable to a battlefield, watching your comrades being killed in action.

This brutal year of 2020, reaping over 1.5million victims by COVID-19 worldwide so far is a grim, although impersonal number.  Losing one of your friends of over six decades hits you straight in the gut.

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Olga Vállay Szokolay