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Semmelweis, Father of Infection Control
Semmelweis, Father of Infection Control

In the civilized modern world, everyone’s mother has been constantly reminding her offspring: “Wash Your Hands”.  Yet most people have no idea where the currently ubiquitous household slogan, used daily in these COVID-19 times, originated.  The more informed might have heard the story of the 19th century physician Semmelweis who spent his short and miserable life saving lives of young mothers by preaching and teaching hygiene in the delivery room.  But precious few ever knew that this life-saving obstetrician was – yes, you guessed it – Hungarian!


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Olga Vállay Szokolay

Mennék eléd
Every year, we can hardly wait for spring to come.  Áprily Lajos expresses this primeval yearning in this lovely poem.  See the full story...
Áprily Lajos

Tejfölös gombapörkölt   (Mushrooms with paprika and sour cream)

Full grown wine cap mushroom
Tejfölös gombapörkölt (Mushrooms with paprika and sour cream)

A wonderful spring dish, which includes – among other things – three indispensable Hungarian ingredients: onions, paprika and sour cream.  How can you go wrong?   

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