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Hand-Harvesting Contest
Hand-Harvesting Contest

On July 8th, the 13th annual Hand Harvesting Contest and Folk Cooking Competition took place at Karcag, with 23 teams participating in the blazing 102°F plus heat.  By invitation, one team came even from Transylvania. They were judged on their work process, their Shook (shock of grain sheaves) as well as on their Harvest Table Setting.  There was also a pálinka competition.

First prize in the Harvesting competition was awarded to the team posted by Karcag Aranykalász Barátikör (Golden Ear Friends’ Circle of Karcag), which also won the City of Jászberény’s special prize. Second prize went to the team from Jászboldogháza, while the team from Kiskúnfélegyháza won third prize.

The Harvest Table Setting as well as the Pálinka competition was also won by the Karcag team, the latter for their quince pálinka. 

The oldest reaper, using a scythe, was a 90-year old from Kunmadaras.


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Szíki Károly

A Grand Caféban. Páris

The emotions of people torn away from their homes cannot really be understood by those who did not experience such separation.  This is delicately illustrated by Szabolcska who describes a café in Paris, where gypsies are playing Hungarian songs.  The guests are chatting and laughing among themselves, oblivious to the music which describes the life of a shepherd on the Alföld. So what, if a pack of horses is having its noontime rest by a country tavern – what is there to cry about?


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Szabolcska Mihály