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The Fourth of July and August 20th
The Fourth of July and August 20th

Two national holidays - so different, yet so similar.

The Fourth of July - celebrating independence - the exuberance of a nation`s freedom.

August 20th - remembrance of the founder of a free nation - celebrating its glorious past.

One represents the signing of a document, expressing the will of a people to be free. The other recalls the wisdom of a saint, charting his people`s course in history. And we - we are heirs of both - in the land of the free! Are we not fortunate to have such antecedents?

God Bless America!

Isten áldd meg a magyart!

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Szent István király

Szt. István statue in Fairfield in front of St. Emery's Church
Szent István király
Tűz Tamás (pseud. – 1916-1992), priest, poet and writer, was born Makkó Lajos in Győr. He was ordained in 1939,and having been drafted, was sent to the Eastern front as military chaplain. In the fall of 1944, he was taken prisoner by the Russians, and was released only in 1947. He ministered in several small settlements between Győr and Budapest. Following the Hungarian Revolution, he left Hungary and settled in Canada. On his initiative, American Hungarian weiters came together in a loosly organized group that even published some books. See the full story...
Tűz Tamás