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Header: Crowning of St. Stephen by Bishop St. Asztrik, by Mellocco Miklós,
Esztergom, dedicated in 2001 (from Tripadvisor, used by permission) 

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St. Stephen - August 20th

St. Stephen's statue at Hősök tere (Heroes' Square), Budapest. (Photo by Karolina Tima Szabo)
St. Stephen - August 20th

This is a translation of a meditation published last year on the napi e-vangélium website. Used by permission.


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Rev. Horváth István Sándor

Urban Legends about Szt. István / St. Stephen

Upon his crowning with the crown sent by Pope Sylvester II in the year 1000, Szent István király (King St. Stephen) turned from his people’s ancient pagan customs, making Christianity the foundation of the new state.  He organized the land into counties and established dioceses, setting up the framework for administering the new nation.  Many are the legends concerning his life and reign, and many misconceptions also have been circulated about him.  Here is a handful of these, with their refutations.

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Anni Oroszlány