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Magyarok mindenütt...Magyars Everywhere...
Magyarok mindenütt...Magyars Everywhere...

Reményik Sándor (1890-1941) was a contributor of poetry to Transylvanian newspapers before World War I, and continued to write even after the Rumanian occupation following the dictated "Treaty" of Trianon, using the pseudonym "Végvári". At first, his poetry was circulated samizdat fashion, by means of handwritten copies.  His purpose was to nurse the scattered Hungarian flames and to encourage perseverence. 

By becoming Editor of Pásztortűz (Shepherd's Fire), a literary weekly, he emerged as the guiding light of post-World War I  Hungarian literature in Transylvania.  In  1926, he received the Petőfi Society's poetry prize,  and was the recipient of the Baumgarten Prize for literature, twice.  

A hundred years after Trianon, Reményik's poem still conveys the cold isolation of Hungarians cut off from their loved ones by foeign borders, while at the same time they are united by familial and national bonds that transcend any man-made borders.

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Reményik Sándor

The Paulines Celebrate 750 Years: (Első Remete Szent Pál Rendje)

Blessed Özséb
The Paulines Celebrate 750 Years: (Első Remete Szent Pál Rendje)
We could not allow this year to pass without remembering the 750th anniversary year of the death of Blessed Özséb, Founder of the only Hungarian monastic Order. See the full story...
Charles Balintitt Jr.