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We wish  all our kind Readers a

Happy and Healthy New Year!

Minden kedves Olvasónknak Boldog Új Évet kivánunk!  

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Kéményseprők – Chimney Sweeps

Chief among the symbols for New Year’s luck was the chimney sweep.  While featured prominently at this time of year, the kéményseprők  actually had a very practical and essential year round function to keep houses safe.  

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Judit Paolini

Téli reggel

A man goes up the snowy mountain one winter morning, where all is sparkling and glistening white.  Birds hide in the snowy trees, and trill of opening buds.  Returning to below the fog cover, he has brought some of that brightness with him. 

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Áprily Lajos

Getting Ready for New Year’s Eve in Brazil
We in the States are used to frosty New Year’s Eves, with crowds undeterred by the cold gathering in Times Square by the thousands to see the ball drop at midnight.  But not everyone lives in the Northern Hemisphere; many Hungarians live in the Southern Hemisphere, with an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 living in Brazil (according to Hungarian government figures, as quoted on the Internet).  Their New Year’s Eve experience is quite different.  Here is a description of Brazilian New Year’s customs by a Hungarian who grew up there. See the full story...
Estevao Arato

Princess Michael of Kent – The Hungarian Connection to the British Royal Family

Princess Michael of Kent
Princess Michael of Kent – The Hungarian Connection to the British Royal Family

As we all know, Hungarians are everywhere; we may even have been aware of a Hungarian connection to the British Royal Family in the past.  But less well known is the fact that there is a Hungarian connection there even today!  Our Editorial Board member Charles Balintitt Jr. explains. 

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Charles Bálintitt Jr.