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Wishing all our kind Readers a very blessed and healthy New Year!

Kívánunk minden kedves Olvasónknak áldásos,

békés, egészséges új esztendőt!


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Arany János

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Poster with portrait of Kölcsey Ferenc
January 22nd, the Day of Hungarian Culture

This is the day when Kölcsey Ferenc finished writing the eight stanzas of the Himnusz – Hungary’s national anthem. Since 1989, it has been  observed as A magyar kultúra napja – The Day of Hungarian Culture.

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 American-Hungarian Community

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Eva Apor Balintitt
From Bálványosvár to Staten Island ... and Beyond!

“Oh, to live to be 100!” - sounds more romantic than it really is.  The phrase “Golden Years” must have been coined by someone young and healthy, who imagined old age to be just a continuation of feeling invincible.  In reality, the bane of the senior years is not just one’s own increasing health problems; it is also comparable to a battlefield, watching your comrades being killed in action.

This brutal year of 2020, reaping over 1.5million victims by COVID-19 worldwide so far is a grim, although impersonal number.  Losing one of your friends of over six decades hits you straight in the gut.

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Olga Vállay Szokolay

 Magyar News Classics

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Tokayi Aszu for Joy and Heath
The original article was printed in the January 1992 issue of Magyar News. See the full story...

 Arts and Culture

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Zsolnay Ceramics and Porcelain

As I was looking at the list of the treasures of Hungary that made it to the Hungaricum Collection, I wasn’t surprised to see the Zsolnay porcelain and ceramics on it.

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Karolina Tima Szabó

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The Passing of a Modern Musician – Balázs Fecó

On the 26th of November 2020, the legendary singer, musician, and songwriter Balázs Fecó (Balázs Ferenc) passed away due to the coronavirus. 

He will be missed by his many fans.

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István Arató

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Pécsi mézes kalács / Honey cookie from Pécs
Pécsi mézes kalács / Honey Cookies from Pécs Aktual

This recipe is from Polgár Zsuzsa, folk artist from the city of Pécs, Hungary, and we are using it here by her permission.   

Mézes kalács has a long tradition in Hungary.  It was known in Hungary even before the time of King Mátyás (15th century), and over the centuries it slowly  spread throughout  the country.  In 1824, “mézes kalács”  bakers received permission to start a guild.  Zsuzsa presents a video that I recommend  to everyone, even if you don’t understand Hungarian; it is fun.  Click on the word "More" at the end to watch the video.

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Karolina Tima Szabo

 Hungary Past and Present

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Women’s Carnival – Asszonyfarsang

This was one day in the year when, after all the cooking and housework, women put down their aprons and had their fling.  Asszonyfarsang was held on the middle day of the ”tail of Carnival”, i.e., the Monday before Ash Wednesday, and no man was allowed to participate. While described as waning in popularity, there is still mention of this fun fest in several places in our (pre-Covid) days.

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Viola Vonfi

 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

Did You Know...

... that our internationally famous star water polo player passed away last year? 

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Karolina Tima Szabó

It's a Small World
Undisputedly the world’s largest melting pot is the United States, but it is followed by its tiny counterpart, Hungary.  In the course of history, many friends and foes left their genetic footprints all over it.  Even family names of more than a dozen nationalities verify that. The language is unique, unlike any other. Yet, if you want to use it as a secret code, be careful.  Those Magyars are quite ubiquitous!


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