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*Memorial plaque in honor of the Hungarian

Revolution of 1956, erected at the Fairfield,CT

own Hall by Magyar Studies of America


in 2003. 

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November 2nd

This piece by Pongrátz Gergely has been translated from the book Corvin köz – 1956 (Corvin Passage). He was Commander of the volunteers fighting the Russians at what was perhaps the best known center of resistance in Budapest in the 1956 Revolution. (See map with article) This episode took place on November 2nd, when it still seemed as if the Revolution had been successful.  


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Pongrátz Gergely

Let Us Remember! Emlékezzünk!

This piece was written in November 2018, by Lakatos Pál, a good summary of the events of 1956.  We must never forget!

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Lakatos Pál

Élj tovább dicső nemzedék!
This poem attests to the fact that the upcoming generation also has an appreciation
of the historic importance of the 1956 Revolution. 
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Szabó Attila József

 American-Hungarian Community

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Dr. Alexander Havadtoy (1924 – 2019)

We have to say good-bye now to a very prominent member of our community, well-known and respected not only in the immediate Connecticut  area, but also in Transylvania and Canada. Eternal rest grant unto him, o Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in peace! 

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October 23rd Remembrance in Fairfield, CT

A very light drizzle was falling as we gathered at Fairfield Town Hall to place flowers at the 1956 memorial plaque on October 20th. . Rev. Tibor Király of the Calvin United Church of Christ gave the invocation. Consul Peter B. Nagy, Counselor of National Cohesion, brought a wreath from the New York Consulate General, and gave the keynote speech during the  program which followed in the hall of the Fairfield Historical Society.

In his speech, Consul Nagy pointed out that, in 1956, ”this small nation gave an example to every country in the world, to the West famous for its freedom, as well as to the East suffering from oppression.  Hungary accomplished one of the greatest acts of heroism of modern times when it expressed its desire for independence, its faith in freedom and stood up against tyranny. We revolted not only against a dictatorship, but also against lies and fear...

”Should our faith and confidence sometimes wane, let us derive strength from those who went before us.  Let us learn the determination of the university students of Szeged, of  the youngsters of Pest... May their courage be our compass... May we all have the strength for quiet building, that those coming after us may be proud of our deeds in this diaspora...”

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Gyula Gyenis
A 1956 Hero Recognized as Vitéz

Gyula Gyenis, whom the Hungarians of Fairfield, CT will remember as the speaker at the October 23rd commemoration in 2017, has just been recognized as Vitéz, for his role in the Revolution of 1956.

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The 1956 Memorial at Wallingford, CT
Honoring the 1956 Revolution in Wallingford, CT

The rain could not dampen the spirtis of those gathered in Wallingford on October 27th to pay tribute to the heroes of the Revolution of 1956, a number of whom were actually present at the event.

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The North American Delegation of the Hungarian Knights of Malta – The End of an Era
The North American Delegation of the Hungarian Knights of Malta announced its own demise this past summer.  It had been a quiet force for good for 58 years, and its presence will be greatly missed by those who were its friends.  See the full story...
Charles Bálintitt Jr.

 Magyar News Classics

Lutheranism and Family History in Trans-Danubia
The originial article was printed in the November 2004 issue of Magyar News See the full story...
Vic Berecz

 Arts and Culture

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Gillyflower, Mayfly, Fly, and Snail
Georg Bocskay: Master Calligraphist

When Erin mentioned that she had seen his work exhibited in Los Angeles, we immediately pounced on the idea of an article about this ancient artist. 


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Erin Corrigan

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Eszterházy Torte

This wonderful Hungarian cake was invented in the 19th century by an unknown confectioner, and it was named after Prince Paul III Anton Eszterházy de Galántha.

The number of layers is usually 5 or 6. The cake layers don’t contain flour, consist only of sugar, egg whites and ground walnuts or almonds.

The filling is a cooked vanilla cream combined with butter. It can be flavored with rum or other liquor.

The torte can be recognized by the decorations of the top, which is made out of fondant, or white chocolate icing and dark chocolate spider web like decoration.

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 Hungary Past and Present

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Bust of Kőrösi Csoma Sándor in his native village of Csomakőrös (photo by EPF). His tomb in Darjeeling.
Kőrösi Csoma Sándor

More and more people nowadays are trying to explore their roots.  Companies offer services to help in their endeavors, using their DNA in the exploration of their origins.  Two hundred years ago this month, a most remarkable Hungarian explorer, philologist and linguist set off to Asia to find the origins and homeland of the nation, the Magyars.  In order to follow this complicated pilgrimage, it is advisable to have a map or globe on hand.

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Olga Vállay Szokolay

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Coat-of-arms of Szolnok-Doboka and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok
Two Counties’ Coat of Arms

Each of the 64 (71?) counties in pre-World War I Hungary had its own coat of arms. The variety of elements used in their composition has always held great fascination for me. Some elements are repeated in the escutcheons (shields) of different counties.   

Here we present two such coats of arms, of counties in different areas,  with some similar major components.  But in no way is this meant as a scholarly study; it is merely a layman’s look at curious coincidences.

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Erika Papp Faber

 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

It’s a Small World!

Not all Small World encounters are a social success.  Some are downright embarrassing!

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Did You Know ...

... that we have a smorgasbord of items this time, including a fabulous dessert?  See the recipe section for how to create it.

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