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Szt. István statue in Fairfield in front of St. Emery's Church
Szent István király
Tűz Tamás (pseud. – 1916-1992), priest, poet and writer, was born Makkó Lajos in Győr. He was ordained in 1939,and having been drafted, was sent to the Eastern front as military chaplain. In the fall of 1944, he was taken prisoner by the Russians, and was released only in 1947. He ministered in several small settlements between Győr and Budapest. Following the Hungarian Revolution, he left Hungary and settled in Canada. On his initiative, American Hungarian weiters came together in a loosly organized group that even published some books. See the full story...
Tűz Tamás

 American-Hungarian Community

Liget Táncegyüttes

The Wallingford American Hungarian Club presents the Liget Dance Ensemble on July 14, 2019. See locations and dates of their other performances on the poster.

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Hosszú Forró Nyár/Long Hot Summer

Pannonia Hungarian Club will hold their annual summer dance party at Pennfield Beach, in Fairfield.


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 Magyar News Classics

Gypsy Spirit
The original article was printed in the July 20014 issue of Magyar News See the full story...

 Arts and Culture

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Néprajzi Ínyesmesterség / Ethnographic Gastronomy

This piece describes in detail how that characteristic ancient cooking pot called bogrács is used to prepare various „paprikás” dishes, as well as „pörkölt”.

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Erdei Ferenc

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Cifraszűr – The Embroidered Shepherd’s Cloak

Even if it’s not on the list of Hungarikumok as yet, the cifraszűr definitely belongs there.  It is the lavishly embroidered cloak worn by shepherds in the past.


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Erika Papp Faber

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Hajós Alfred
Hajós Alfréd - The First Hungarian Olympic Champion

Although 2019 is not an Olympic year, preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Games – not unlike for the presidential elections in the United States – have already started.  Ever since any of us can remember, the quadrennial Olympic Games have been part of our lives, pausing only for World Wars I and II.  Many of us knew that the Games had originated in ancient Greece, but few were cognizant of the fact that there was a hiatus of over 1500 years before the modern Games commenced.  It was in the end of the 19th century that a French nobleman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin dreamed up and presented the idea of reviving the tradition.  Sports, in general, were getting popular in the Western world by then, thus the concept fell on fertile soil. The first Modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, in 1896.


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Olga Vállay Szokolay

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Bakonyi Betyárleves

Many versions of the betyárleves are known. They can be made with different kinds of meat, vegetables or spices.  They can be spicy or not. Many things you have in your pantry or kitchen can be added. Any kind of soup pasta can be used. 

Our version is from the Bakony Mountain area and it is served with homemade pasta, called csipetke.

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 Hungary Past and Present

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Sobri Jóska
Outlaws in 19th Century Hungary

The word betyár is derived from a Persian–Turkish word, bikar, later batiar, finally “betyár” (with some Slavic influence).  Its meaning was lazy, wanderer, cold, thief and cruel.  According to the romanticized legends of the outlaws, they were considered heroes, being on the side of “justice”, and protectors of the poor. 



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Dora Józsefné, Tima Irma

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Bálványosvár and Torja, Transylvania

In 997, Stephen became Grand Prince of Hungary upon the death of his father, Géza.  From then on, he fought not only to gain control of all regions of his kingdom, but also to establish Christianity all over his realm.  He was crowned on either December 25, 1000 or January 1, 1001 as King Stephen I, with a crown sent by Pope Sylvester II.  There is still debate over the actual date.

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Charles Bálintitt Jr.

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Explorer Sass Flora – Florence Baker – part 5

We continue the adventures of Sass Flora, a Hungarian explorer, and Sam Baker as they push on towards the source of the Nile.


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Éva Wajda

 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

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Gloria Vanderbilt
Did you know ...?
...that this time we have the story of a young genius and a past celebrity? See the full story...