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Anyák napja

Boldog Anyák Napját kivánunk minden Édesanyának!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Palócz Endre

Az Anyák

We wish all Mothers a happy Mother's day with this poem by Szabó Lőrinc.

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Szabó Lőrinc

 American-Hungarian Community

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Hámos László
Good-bye to László Hámos

We received this notice from the American Hungarian Library and Historical Society.  We join them in expressing our heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of László Hámos. May he rest in peace!


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Vers pályázat

Most kaptuk ezt a verspályázatra való felhívást.  Május 12.-ig kérik a még eddig nem közölt eredeti versek beküldését.  Lásd a mellékelt felhívást, amiben meg lehet nézni a pályázati feltételeket. 

Kívánunk szép ihletet és sikert! 


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Májusi Bál/May Ball
The Hungarian Community Club of Wallingford, CT will hold a Festive May Ball on the 18th.  See details inside. See the full story...

 Magyar News Classics

Dinner a la Y1K
The original article was printed in the May 1999 issue of Magyar News. See the full story...

 Arts and Culture

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Florence and Sam Baker, drawing by Alphonse de Neuville
Explorer Sass Flóra – Florence Baker – part 3

In the previous instalment, we had followed Sass Flóra and Sam Baker through the Nubian Desert.  Here they continue their expedition in search of the origin of the Nile.


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Éva Wajda

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Róbert bácsi being helped by Petrás Sári, operette diva
Swindler with a Heart of Gold
”Róbert bácsi” was a household word in Budapest in the 1920s.  When the City government was no longer able to finance the soup kitchens necessitated by post-World War I conditions, Robert Feinsilber, a Turkish citizen born in Yemen and wearing Russian garb offered to take them over, to be financed by his ”Dutch wealth”.  The offer was gratefully accepted, since providing a hot lunch for 60,000 to 70,000 poor people every day became an ever heavier burden in those difficult economic times See the full story...
viola vonfi

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Too Much Talent?

Imagine a large meeting of international conductors in the 1960s. The Master of Ceremonies, taking the podium announces:  “Would the Hungarian-born Maestro please step forward?”

Not one, but about half a dozen would have stepped forward: George Szell, Eugene Ormandy, Antal Dorati KBE, Sir Georg (sic, pron. "George") Solti, and Zoltán Rozsnyai.

All of them handled their batons like magic wands at the helms of world-famous U.S. orchestras.

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Olga Vállay Szokolay

What Language Do Animals Speak?

People speak many different languages; so do animals.  Or is it only that we perceive their ”speech” differently?

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viola vonfi

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Zsuzsi and Andris, a Székely Barbie and Ken

In the fall of 2018, I spent 5 days in beautiful Erdély with my two younger sisters, Ili and Zsuzsa.  It goes without saying: it was a trip of a lifetime!  I will tell you about our visit in a very unusual and beautiful museum.

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Karolina Tima Szabó

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Stuffed kohlrabi
May is the time for kohlrabi (karalábé in Hungarian).  That is why we bring you a great recipe for preparing this dish. See the full story...

 Hungary Past and Present

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Snapshots: Ajka, the Crystal Capital of Europe?

The city of Ajka is located between North and South Bakony, about 40 km North of Lake Balaton in Veszprém County.

According to legend, giants lived in the Carpathian Basin a long time ago.  One of the giants stumbled and hit his ‘ajak’ (lips), and at the same time he dented the earth.  That is how the town of Ajka got its name and place. 

Of course, reality is different.


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Dora Tima Irma

 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

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Did you know ...

...that Hungarian students are beating their international colleagues in legal debates too?


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Kicsi a világ: Once Upon a Time in Staten Island

Sometimes Hungarians don‘t even realize what a small world it is!


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Charles Balintitt Jr.