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II. Rákóczi Ferenc, portrait by Mányoki Ádám
II. Rákóczi Ferenc – part I

315 years ago, II. Rákóczi Ferenc was elected Prince of Transylvania at Gyulafehérvár.  This year has been declared Rákóczi Memorial Year, to last until September 2020, when the 315th anniversary of his election as Ruling Prince of all of Hungary will be observed.  To understand the historical role of II. Rákóczi Ferenc, we have to look back a few generations before his time.

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Erika Papp Faber

 American-Hungarian Community

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The original Hungarian sour cherry - újfehértói fürtös
Balaton – No Longer Just a Big Lake

For Hungarians, Balaton is the big fresh-water “sea” of Hungary, a summer vacation resort for natives and foreigners alike.  But now the name is no longer confined to Hungary ...

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viola vonfi

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Andres Andujar
Downtown San Antonio Revived

What does San Antonio have to do with Magyar News Online? Why should we be interested? Read on!

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Bishop Attila Miklósházy, SJ – R.I.P.

Appointed in 1989 by Pope St. John Paul II, Attila Miklósházy, SJ served as Bishop of Hungarians Abroad until his retirement, at age 75, in 2006.  He passed away on December 28th, 2018 in a Jesuit senior residence near Toronto, Canada.

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Pig Roast Dinner
Hungarian Community Club of Wallingford invites everyone to a festive Pig Roast Dinner See the full story...

Hungarian Community Club Hungarian Class

The Hungarian Community Club of Wallingford is sponsoring Hungarian Language Classes. 


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Hungarian Community Club of Wallingford Fundraiser See the full story...

 Magyar News Classics

Hungarian Students Assist American Scientists
The original article was printed in the February 2001 issue of Magyar News See the full story...
Joseph F. Balogh

 Arts and Culture

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Marosan Csaba,Transylvanian actor visiting Ady Endre Memorial in Érmindszent, Ady's birthplace
For Ady Endre Centennial

To commemorate the centennial of the death of Ady Endre (1877-1919), the most influential Hungarian literary figure of the 20th century, we present his autobiographical poem, „Góg és Magóg fia vagyok én” – The Son of Gog and Magog (translated by Erika Papp Faber, as found in A Sampler of Hungarian Poetry - Ízelítő a magyar költészetből).

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Farsang recipes

Farsang (Carnival) started the day of vízkereszt (Epiphany).  It will last for 40 days, until hamvazószerda (Ash Wednesday).  In 2019, it runs from January 6 to March 6.

The word “Farsang” came from the Bavarian-Austrian word “Fasching”, a combination of “fasten” – fasting – and “Schank” – sale of wine and spirits.  Originally, the word was used for the day before Lent, the last day to consume alcohol.  Farsang or Carnival is a time for celebrating, dancing, eating and drinking.  Here are some recipes to make and enjoy the time of Carnival. 

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 Hungary Past and Present

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The Wooden Churches of Máramaros in Northern Transylvania

These unique architectural treasures must be seen to be appreciated! 

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Charles Bálintitt Jr.

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Cup, originally with stones in the holes, found at Nagyszéksós
Gold of the Huns

Some would dig for gold when and where they suspect any.   Others find gold without realizing its value and happen to put unknown little villages such as Nagyszéksós on the map.

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Olga Vállay Szokolay

 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

It’s a Small World!

This story was related by Vass Ildikó, whom many of our readers in the Tri-State area know – of how she reconnected with acquaintances she had met 45 years earlier!

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Rakonczay Gábor at the South Pole
Did you know ...

... that this time we have another ”first” to report, as well as a couple of other interesting factoids? 

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