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Erika at her grandmother`s grave in Transylvania
Sírjaim/My Gravesites

November is the month to remember our departed family members. My various gravesites are scattered: in three countries, on two continents, and five cemeteries,  symptomatic of the history of Hungary in the 20th century.

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Papp Faber Erika

 American-Hungarian Community

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1956 memorial plaque at Fairfield Independence Hall, with wreath of green leaves brought by Consul Szakács Imre
Observance of October 23rd in Fairfield, CT

"... Ever more people now are asking,

Stammering and not understanding -

They who received it as legacy - :

Is it such a big deal to be Free? ..."


"...És kérdik, egyre többen kérdik,

Hebegve, mert végképp nem értik -

Ők, akik örökségbe kapták -:

Ilyen nagy dolog a Szabadság? ..."

               Márai Sándor, Mennyből az angyal-ból

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Wallingford Hungarian House Celebrates 100 Years!

Congratulations on a great milestone!


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László Papp

 Magyar News Classics

One side is English the other Hungarian
It was originally printed in Magyar News  on November 1998 See the full story...

 Arts and Culture

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In Memoriam Kányádi Sándor – 1929 - 2018

Kányádi Sándor, the great Hungarian contemporary poet, passed away last June.  He was also a translator and a major contributor to childrens literature. Many of his poems have been set to music.  

Here we present a reminiscence by actor Szíki Károly, and an English introduction to the poet's life and work by István Arató. 

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Szíki Károly, Hungarian; István Arató, English

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Aerial view of Várpark
Várpark – A Park of Castles/Fortresses

On the southern  shore of Velencei tó – the third largest lake in Hungary, located between Budapest and Székesfehérvár – lies a village called Gárdony-Dinnyés. (The second largest lake is Fertő tó in western Hungary.) Recently, Dinnyés has become known for an unusual tourist attraction: a ”castle or fortress park”, which this past January made the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest display of castle replicas.


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viola vonfi

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Bust of Erkel Ferenc
The Two Triumvirates: Bánk Bán and its Creators

On November 3rd, 2018, the Hungarian State Opera presents Erkel Ferenc: Bánk Bán at Lincoln Center’s David A. Koch Theater in New York City.

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Olga Vállay Szokolay

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Coffee Parfait

At a church function, one of the ladies had with her an old ”Hungarian and American Cook Book”, compiled and published in 1955 by the Ladies’ Guild of the Holy Trinity Greek Catholic Church of Bridgeport, CT. Besides it being an unusual dessert, it offers a  little nostalgic look into the past. 

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Paradise Lost and Found

Rarely do we see business and creative art successfully coupled in the same person. Does it sound presumptuous to say: it takes a Hungarian?


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Olga Vállay Szokolay

 Hungary Past and Present

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Villa Giusti
A Date in Hungarian History: November 3rd, 1918

One hundred years ago, on this date, representatives of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy signed the Armistice, ceasing hostilities with Italy. 

For the Monarchy, this ended World War I, which had begun with the declaration of war against Serbia on July 28th, 1914.

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 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

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Did you know ...

... that the Budapest Opera House is one of the most beautiful in the world?  (Judge for yourself!)


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Officer Alex Császár
It’s a Small World

Sometimes a guardian angel appears just when you need him most, and he even might speak Hungarian!


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László Tibor Laky