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A kertbe ment / She Went into the Garden
A bitter-sweet poem for Mothers' Day. Áprily Lajos tells of his mother, who loved to weed his garden, and who has now gone into God's garden.  He asks the Lord to sow some weeds among His flowers, so she would not have to sit there idle. See the full story...
Áprily Lajos

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May is for mothers – remembering, thanking those without whom we would not exist. And without whom we would not be what we are.  Happy Mothers’ Day to all of them, wherever they are!

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Olga Vállay Szokolay

 American-Hungarian Community

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Dr. Abel Lajtha: Életem (My Life) – HCSC Presentation

The nonagenarian brain researcher held a spellbinding introduction of his lifetime work and eventful life at the Radcliffes’ Riverside Home.

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 Magyar News Classics


In tribute to our late Editor Emeritus Joseph Balogh, we wish to show our kind readers the reach his printed Magyar News, our predecessor, had! 

As far as we could determine, of the Hungarian churches and businesses mentioned in the article,  only the Calvin United Church of Christ on Kings Highway and the successors of Drotos Brothers Hungarian Imports in Fairfield are still functioning.  St. Emery R.C. Church is still open, but not for regular Hungarian services.  The same is true of St. Ladislaus in South Norwalk.  
What a difference 20 years make!  

This article was published in the May 1998 issue of Magyar News

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 Arts and Culture

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Receiving the award
Szabó Kati Zágontól Párizsig
Szabó Kati recently received a lifetime achievement award from the Hungarian government. See the full story...

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My Connection to King Matthias I (Mátyás Király)
Even though some 650 years have passed, King Mátyás still figures in some family histories!   See the full story...
Charles Bálintitt Jr.

Farmers' Cheese Dumplings with Strawberries

It’s strawberry time, and we have a recipe for some delicious farmer’s cheese dumplings with strawberries. They look good enough to eat, don’t they? 

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 Hungary Past and Present

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First telephone exchange, Fürdő utca, Budapest (1881)
May 1st – First Telephone Exchange Opened in Budapest
This year we observe the 125th anniversary of the telefon hírmondó, the forerunner of the radio, and the 137th anniversary of the telephone exchange set up in Budapest.  See the full story...
Estevao Arato

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ditrói Puskás Tivadar – So Much More Than an Inventor

The man renowned for having invented the telephone exchange and the forerunner of the radio (see elsewhere in this issue) had a most interesting life.  We will take a closer look at it here.

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Vasárnap délután (Sunday Afternoon), linocut by Portik Sándor
Transylvanian Carved Gates – Székelykapuk

On my two trips to Transylvania, I saw many a székelykapu. This unique component of folk culture can be found all over Transylvania, and more recently has been spreading even into Hungary.  Let us look a little more closely at these public works of art.

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 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

It’s a Small World (Kicsi a Világ)

How small is small?  Read about it ...

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Charles Bálintitt Jr.

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New designs of "szegedi papucs"
Did you know…
... that this time we have received last-minute information about a couple of memorials that tie in with articles we have published very recently? See the full story...