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Szerelmes vers - Love Poem

For Valentine’s Day, this love poem seems appropriate.

His sweetheart’s eyes  mesmerize the author, and loving her as he does, he hears little bells tinkling in their gray depths.  

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Babits Mihály

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Hunting plate
The Seuso Treasure

Do you enjoy unsolved mysteries?  Do you admire spectacular works of art?  Are you fascinated by ancient history?

Then you may appreciate reading of the international scandal surrounding the mystery of the Seuso Treasure.  It embraces several decades, but its roots are well over one and a half millennia deep. 

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Olga Vállay Szokolay

 American-Hungarian Community

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Tracing the Story of One Immigrant Family

There was a personal connection for me to the recent tragedy of the Montecito (CA) mudslide. László Laky (last contribution to MNO in September 2017), sent me a photo depicting his cousin Sándor Hodosy rescuing someone from the mud.  Sándor does not want to be in the limelight, but I knew his and László’s family going back to their grandparents, and since the beginning of their story is different from most Hungarian emigrant stories, I thought it worthwhile to record it for posterity.  

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The White Rose Debutante Ball: 60 years of Hungarian Tradition
A brief history of the Hungarian White Rose Debutante Ball of Detroit, with info about the special guest of honor - the  Hungarian Ambassador to the US. See the full story...
Laura Kuczajda

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New Hungarian School in Danbury

Since last November, Dóra Peller has been spending every second Saturday afternoon at the Danbury Hungarian Club, making it fun for seven to ten year olds to learn their ancestral language. This is mirrored in the Magyar Studies of America (MSA) ad which invited those interested to ”Play and learn Hungarian together” – „Játsszunk és tanuljunk magyarul együtt”. 

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viola vonfi

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Rev. Vas László – Requiescat in pacem!

The Szent István R.C. Church in Passaic, NJ unexpectedly lost its Pastor on January 7, 2018.  

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 Magyar News Classics

Árpád Makay, the story of a Famous Hungarian Cinematographer
This article was originally published in the February 2000 issue of Magyar News.  See the full story...

 Arts and Culture

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Molnár-C. Pál
On a quiet street in Buda, somewhere behind the iconic Gellért Szálló is a small private museum.  It is the former studio of Molnár-C. Pál, perhaps the most popular painter and graphic artist of the 20th century who, for 50 years, created paintings, woodcuts for book illustrations, graphics used in popular daily newspapers and posters, at this address.   See the full story...
Erika Papp Faber

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St. László, Model for Hungarian Diaspora

On their scheduled five-year visit, the Hungarian bishops met with Pope Francis last November.  He spoke with each of them, including Bishop Cserháti Ferenc, who is charged with the pastoral care of Hungarians abroad.  Having been born in a diaspora himself, the Pope spoke with him at length, and emphasized the importance of maintaining the native language and culture.

Here is an excerpt from Bishop Cserháti’s 12th Circular Letter addressed to all Hungarians abroad.   

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Most Rev. Cserháti Ferenc

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Seventh Diaspora Meeting Held in Fairfield, CT

The Hungarian Consulate of New York held its seventh Diaspora Council (Diaszpóra Tanács) Meeting, this time in Fairfield, CT, on Sunday, January 28th, at the Calvin United Church of Christ.  Chief Consul Kumin Ferenc and Dr. Szakács Imre, Deputy Consul General of Hungary and Counselor of General Cohesion attended the meeting, together with Hámos László, President of the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation, Vince Máté of the Balassi Institute and Deák Nóra of the Mikes Program.

The ladies of the Church served a delicious dinner of potato soup, stuffed peppers, and Székely káposzta, with cherry strudel and mousse for dessert.  Hungarian wines were also available.    

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Stefánia fánk
Recipes for Farsang

The time between Three Kings Day (Epiphany) and Ash Wednesday is called farsang, a time for carnivals and celebrations, eating, drinking and dancing. Since it is followed by a great fast, Lent, who would argue about it?

The tradition goes back to the 15th century, when from the small villages to kings’ courts everyone was making merry.  Men and women put on costumes and masks.  From the 16th century on, we find mention of the fight of Cibere and Konc, the Lenten food and the farsang food.  (See www.magyarnews.org, February 2017 issue)

At these celebrations the tables are set with all different kinds of wines, meats, soups and pastries.  The most famous is a fánk or doughnut.

Most of the meat dishes are made with alcohol, the Drunken Chicken, Duck with Cognac, Pork with Wine, etc…

I will make the Drunken Chicken for Sunday dinner.  For dessert I will serve Stefánia fánk.

Recipes follow.

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Karolina Szabo

Furcsa lovak – Whimsical Horses
Hungarians love to play word games with their wonderfully supple language.  Here we take a whimsical look at some nouns that end in –ló (which, standing by itself, means ”horse”), plus one that includes the word in the middle.   See the full story...

 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

It’s a Small World!

No matter how you slice it: distances in time and space don’t really matter.  Why?  Because – Kicsi a világ

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Did you know ...

... that young Hungarian inventors are coming up with very practical solutions to modern daily problems?  Or that another film has been nominated in the Best Foreign Language category?


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