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How Much Is a Prayer Worth? - Mennyit ér az imádság?

Here is a heartwarming Christmas story from a very harsh time: the end of World War II in Hungary.  The Russian occupying forces were rounding up people and sending them to Siberia, the country was still reeling from the effects of the war, and the food supply was limited.

It has been taken from A Hajnal Szép Sugara, Szeretetláng.blog, december 23. 2015.                                                    

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A Karácsonyfapiacon

The author, living in exile in Budapest after World War I, sees the Christmas trees of his native Transylvania for sale on the Danube bank.  He is unable to go home for Christmas,  but they have come to him.  It is indicative of the economic situation of the time, that this slim volume of 80 pages, published in 1926, was priced at 25,000 korona!

Ezt a verset Mihály László  Barna Hazavágyom címü versesfüzetéböl vettük, amit a SZEFHE -  Székely Egyetemi és Főiskolai Hallgatók Egyesületének - marosszéki csoportja adott ki Budapesten, 1926-ban.   (Jellemző az akkori gazdasági helyzetre, hogy ennek a 80-oldalas kis füzetnek az ára 25.000 korona volt!) 




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Mihály László Barna

 American-Hungarian Community

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Joseph Balogh at his 95th birthday celebration
Saying Good-Bye to Joseph Balogh

The Founding Editor of our print predecessor, Magyar News, Joseph F. Balogh, and our Editor Emeritus, passed away in his 96th year, on November 17th. We are indebted to his creative inspiration and guidance, and we will miss him!

A memorial service was held on November 21st at the United Church of Christ on North Avenue, Bridgeport. Interment was in Mountain Grove Cemetery.


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Fr. Emery Szlezak
Fr. Emeric Szlezak, OFM, to Celebrate His 100th Birthday

Former Pastor of St. Emery Church, Fairfield, CT and long-time Pastor of the Hungarian community of St. Stephen of Hungary in New York City, Fr. Emery Szlezak will be observing his 100th birthday on December 17th.  We wish him God’s continued blessing, as we fondly remember his 19-year tenure at St. Emery’s, and 41-year long service at St. Stephen’s in New York.

We will quote from the story of his life as he told it to The Anthonian ten years ago, in 2007.  

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St. Emery`s statue
St. Emery Celebrates 85th Anniversary

On November 5th, St. Emery Church in Fairfield celebrated its 85th anniversary on its patronal feast.  Ft. Thomas Thorne was the main celebrant at the combined English-Hungarian 10 AM Mass.


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Szilveszterest/New Year's Eve Party
If you'd like to ring out the old and ring in the new, see the details on the flyer. See the full story...

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We acknowledge with gratitude the generosity of our sponsors and donors. See the full story...

 Magyar News Classics

She Gilded the Lives of Children
Information for the original article was taken from "Napraforgó emlékalbum - Gróf Károlyi Lászlóné és a VirágEgylet Zebegény" by Paulisineczné Willem Vera. It was printed in the April 2005 issue of Magyar News. See the full story...
Erika Papp Faber

 Arts and Culture

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A group of betlehemezők
Betlehemezés in Debrecen

Debrecen, the second largest city in Hungary, is the city of festivals.  Many of them are for fun, like the Tattoo Festival, Running Festival and the Sweetness Festivals. Others are more interesting, like the Flower Festival, Arts Festival, Mangalica Festival, Fall Festival or the International Bethlehem Reunion.  We are coming up to the Advent Season, so let’s to talk about the Bethlehem Reunion.

Betlehemezés is a very popular, dramatic, peasant Christmas play, a reenactment of the birth of Jesus.  The name itself comes from the biblical city of Bethlehem.  The players dress up as kings, or Mary and Joseph, but the most popular are the shepherds. 

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Karolina Tima Szabo

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Szádvár (rézkarc)
The Last of the Bebeks / Az utolsó Bebek

First mention of Szádvár (located some 37+ miles north of Miskolc), was in a text dating back to 1268.  The Bebek family played the most important part in the castle's history.  Ferenc Bebek and his son György implemented significant constructions after the Battle of Mohács.

Szádvár suffered its heaviest siege in January 1567.  The army of  the German  captain Lazar Schwendi surrounded the castle and demolished a part of the northern wall after a four day bombardment, forcing the heroic defender, Zsófia Patócsy, wife of György Bebek, to surrender.

After various other owners of Szádvár, the Habsburgs ordered the demolition of the castle in 1686 to prevent it from becoming a rebel stronghold. Szádvár is today one of the largest ruined castles in Hungary, and is also the one at the highest elevation. 

We are publishing this article to commemorate the 450th anniversary year of the fortress’ defense – by a woman!

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Éva Wajda

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Linzer Tarts
You won't be able to stop eating these! See the full story...
Karolina Tima Szabo

 Hungary Past and Present

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Shoes on the Danube Promenade

The unusual collection of metal shoes lined up along the Danube River bank is a sad memorial to the Jewish victims who were shot there by the members of the Arrow Cross militia at the end of World War II.  A Catholic nun, Sister Salkaházy Sára, also suffered the same fate in December 1944, for having saved the lives of a hundred Jewish people.  She has been beatified by the Catholic Church. 

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Allyson Szabo

When Mikulás Came to Town

In the 1930s, Mikulás – NOT Santa Claus! – routinely came to visit the children of Zebegény on the eve of his feast day, every December 5th.  (Mikulás had nothing to do with Christmas, when the Christ Child – Jézuska – or the Angels would bring gifts to Hungarian children.)

It was arranged by Countess Károlyi Franciska, whose ingenious VirágEgylet Zebegény (Zebegény Flower Circle) provided the children of the village with a framework for games and sports, as well as nature walks and botanical knowledge, home ec. training for the girls and cultural activities.  (See this month’s Classic elsewhere in this issue.) 

The following has been excerpted from  Napraforgó emlékalbum – Gróf Károlyi Lászlóné és a VirágEgylet Zebegény” (Sunflower Memorial Album – Countess Károlyi Lászlóné and the Zebegény Flower Circle), by Paulisineczné Willem Vera.


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 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

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Bede Réka
Did you know...

... that this time we have gleaned items dealing with wine, a new memorial, a child gymnast, and the relative difficulty of the Magyar language?

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Karolina Tima Szabo and Paul Soos

It’s a Small World! Kicsi a világ!

Another example of a small world, Hungarian style…..

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Paul Soos

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Magyar News Online Print Edition September 2017 See the full story...