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Tima József
What Fueled the Revolution of 1956, as Explained through the Life of My Father
Here is a glimpse of the life of our Webmaster Karolina Tima Szabo’s father, typical of many others, which will explain why the Hungarian Revolution broke out in 1956. See the full story...
Karolina Tima Szabó

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Remembering October 23, 1956

On  January 6, 2010, when Pongrácz Ödön was laid to rest next to  his brother Gergely, in the chapel in Kiskunmajsa, I was one of more than a thousand people present, mostly Hungarians from all  parts of the country and from many parts of the world. He was the oldest of six brothers who became part of the history of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

Not long, perhaps a few months earlier, I last saw Ödön alive when at my brother’s home in Budapest the three of us got together once more to talk about, what else, the Hungarian Revolution. Suddenly, he in a way changed the subject and asked me: ”Have you started  writing down what you  saw during those days?  It’s not important  what you did or did not do, but  very important to record what you  saw, because eyewitnesses are the best source for future  generations to learn  the  truth!”

On the 61st anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, I pay my respects to Pongrácz Ödön by recording here what I witnessed at  the start, on October 23rd,1956.

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László Oroszlány

Magyar október
This poem was written by a Hungarian Honvéd (national guard) Lieutenant, and published in Budapest on October 30th, 1956. See the full story...
Kárpáti Zoltán

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Hamusics János
The Last Victim of the 1956 Revolution

Fifty years ago, the last victim of the Hungarian Revolution was executed in Veszprém.


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viola vonfi

 American-Hungarian Community

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Laszlo Papp

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, the Consulate General of Hungary in New York City hosted a reception, celebrating architect Laszlo Papp, a highly respected personage of the American-Hungarian community. 

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Lili Dowell
Young (Photo) Shooter Wins First Prize (Again)

Lili Dowell, second generation Hungarian, of Stratford, CT won first prize in the 15-18 category in the third annual Young Shoots student digital photography competition this year. 


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Events for October 2017
Every month something is happening in the Hungarian community See the full story...

 Magyar News Classics

Pioneer in Aviation and Pathfinder in Space
This article originally appeared in the October 1993 issue of Magyar News.  See the full story...

 Arts and Culture

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A Piece of Early Hungarian Americana

When Joe Ull lent me this booklet, I did not know what was in store for me between its covers.  It turned out to be a fascinating sample of Hungarian-American salesmanship in the early 20th century. Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer, eat your heart out!  


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About Must – the Grape Juice That Will Turn Into Wine -- A mustról kicsit bővebben

Hungary’s production and export of wine – together with cattle and wheat – is of major importance to its economy.  Here we take a look at the first step in producing wine:  the grape harvest and the production of grape juice, or must.  The family of this author owned vineyards; he  himself took part in the grape harvest and here describes the process of must production.  (Because of the technical terms used, this article will appear only in Hungarian.)


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Szabó Balázs

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Bakfark Bálint – the Hungarian Renaissance Minstrel

In the 2nd district of Budapest there is a street with a marble plaque identifying the person whose name it commemorates: Bakfark Bálint, the medieval Hungarian musician. 

"Bakfark Bálint, 16th century lutenist and composer, esteemed and celebrated artist of Hungary, Poland, France, Italy.  In his youth he was educated in Buda.”



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Olga Vállay Szokolay

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Roast duck with Chestnuts and Quince
Now is the time for chestnuts and quince too.  Here is a wonderful combination with roast duck.  It will make your mouth water! See the full story...

 Hungary Past and Present

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"Remembering Angel" in memory of the Martyrs of Arad by Makovecz Imre in Isaszeg
Final Words of the Martyrs of Arad

These 13 honvéd (national guard) generals had led the fight for freedom  from Austria in 1848-49, turning the tide in favor of Hungarian independence.  But then Emperor Franz Josef called for help from Russia, whose massive military might they could not withstand. 


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 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

Did you know.....

... that Hungarians are dazzled by the skies? 


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Kicsi a világ!

In this technological world, we sometimes connect in more ways than one!  And sometimes stories still have a happy ending!


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Shirley Ipkovich Foley