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Kalács, keddi kalács
In honor of Mothers' Day, we offer this sensitive tribute by Áprily Lajos to his mother.   He recalls the simple kalács she used to make for Sundays.  It might last another day, but she would save some just for him so he could have kalács even on Tuesday.  In his memory it has grown into something sacred, consolation from his mother who has long since gone. See the full story...
Áprily Lajos

 American-Hungarian Community

American Hungarian Federation Gala Dinner

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of its founding, members of the American Hungarian Federation of the Tri-State area held a gala dinner on April 22nd.   

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Joseph Balogh 95 Years Young

Members of the MNO Editorial Board greeted Joseph Balogh, Editor Emeritus (as well as Founder and Editor of MNO's predecessor, the print Magyar News) on his 95th birthday. 

Isten éltesse még soká!

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 Magyar News Classics

The original article was printed in the May 2001 issue of Magyar News See the full story...

 Arts and Culture

Book Review: Hungary and the Defense of European Civilization
Reviewed by Miklós Cseszneky See the full story...
by Sergio Fernández Riquelme

Chicken and Fresh Green Peas Salad

Here is a refreshing yet hearty spring meal. 

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Karolina Tima Szabo

 Hungary Past and Present

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Wooden trough used for kneading dough. This one was made from a willow tree.
Trough-Scooping Gypsies

This piece dealing with a specific group of gypsies in the Gemenc National Park area was published in Hungarian on the webpage of Familia Családkutatás és Helytörténet of Lajosmizse, which describes its mission as follows:  

”Our aim is to preserve the past, and for this reason we  are collecting the history of settlements, the origins of its families, the search of family trees and family histories.  We regularly collect and preserve verbal conversations and various other material relating to local histories, conduct searches in libraries, do field studies, hold local informative tours (helyismereti túrák) relating to local history.”

The following is such a conversation with a local resident.  It was translated by Eva Wajda, and is used here by permission.

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Front of Franciscan church in Pozsony
720th Anniversary of Pozsony Church

Apart from the Mátyás templom in Budapest, there are not many active churches in Central Europe that can boast of as long a history as the Church of the Annunciation in Pozsony. Over the centuries, it had witnessed many historic events.  An unusual one was the creation of Knights of the Golden Spur following the coronation ceremony. 

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Old City Hall
Pozsony, City of Coronations and Parliamentary Sessions
In 1536, Pozsony was made the capital of Hungary, and between 1563 and 1830, 11 kings and 8 queens were crowned there.  Let us look at this city that played such an important role in Hungarian history.  Since 1920, it belongs to Slovakia.  See the full story...
Erika Papp Faber

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Irinyi János

This May we are celebrating another Hungarian bicentennial.  Lesser known, perhaps, than our beloved and matchless Arany János, this Titan made our daily life safer and more convenient.  He was Irinyi János, the inventor of silent and non-explosive matches, to name just one of his contributions to improving the quality of our daily life.

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Olga Vállay Szokolay

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Kovács Gyula
Tündérkert Movement – Saving Fruit Tree Genes

While ”tündér” is usually translated as ”fairy”, the magical mythological female nevertheless has a unique Magyar character.  So ”tündérkert” is more than just a ”fairy garden”.  See why...

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 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

Kicsi a világ!

Hungarian is the language of the world. It may even mask the boogey man! 

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László Oroszlány

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Aria Hotel, Budapest
Did You Know ...

... that this time we have accomplishments is many fields ... touristry, beer, cars and a long distance swimmer aiming for a world aquatic triumph?

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Zsuzsa Lengyel