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Epic About a Budapest Teenager / Hősköltemény egy pesti srácról
As we commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution this October, we remember in particular the teenagers who used the training provided by their Communist instructors to produce so-called "Molotov cocktails" - bottles filled with gasoline, with a rag wick. They ignited them, and as per instructions, would hurl them like grenades, not at "imperialist, capitalist invaders", as they were taught, but at the Soviet tanks sent to crush the Hungarian Fight for Freedom.  We pay our grateful respects to these youngsters who gave their lives for their country. See the full story...
Szentkúti Ferenc

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Denis and Olga with "good luck charm" teddybear Dorka. (Stamford Advocate, 12/12/1956)
My October

This is a first-hand account of the events of the Revolution of 1956 by a survivor who eventually made it to the US.  It was first published in the 50th anniversary commemorative volume entitled “56 Stories”. 

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Olga Vállay Szokolay

1956: Protest at the Statue of Liberty

One of the most memorable and unique stories of the worldwide protest occurred at the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor. In early 1999, I conducted research and spoke with several of the participants.  Here is the story as I was able to put it together, based on personal recollections of the individuals.


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Jules Vállay

 American-Hungarian Community

60th Anniversary of the 1956 Freedom Fight

In Fairfield, CT, our annual commemoration of the Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight will be held this year on October 22nd, a SATURDAY.  This is to allow people to attend the dedication of the 1956 Memorial in New York City on the 23rd. 



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Hungarian Festival of Connecticut
On September 18th, the Hungarian Community Club of Wallingford, CT held its Hungarian Festival at the Hungarian House there. In addition to the Hon. Imre Szakács, Deputy Consul General of Hungary, and Professor Christopher P. Ball, Honorary Consul to Connecticut, the Mayor, the Hon. William Dickinson, and Representative Mary Mushinsky also attended. Moderator was Dr. Balázs B. Somogyi. There was plenty of good food, music and dancing. See the full story...

 Magyar News Classics

The original article was printed in the October 1991 issue of Magyar News. See the full story...
Joseph F. Balogh

 Arts and Culture

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Széchenyi’s Chain Bridge / Lánchíd

Count Széchenyi István’s vision for the advancement of his homeland included the unification of the two distinct cities of Buda and Pest separated by the Danube River. In this our ninth piece commemorating the 225th anniversary of his birth, we look at his overall plan with which  he had more in mind than merely the construction of a bridge; he also wanted to equalize the social burdens by requiring every member of the populace to pay the toll, regardless of social status.


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Enameled plaque of St. Demetrius on the Holy Crown
Dömötör nap / Demetrius’ Day

Being an agricultural people, Hungarians paid particular attention to  weather patterns as manifested on certain days of the year.  And being a religious people as well, the various saints’ days as they appeared in the calendar served as markers for those weather patterns. Here we consider October 26th, feast day of Dömötör, or Demetrius, and some of the folklore connected with it.


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viola vonfi

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Sütőtök krémleves
This is a butternut squash soup recipe from Budapest. There are two variations, depending on whether you prefer curry and ginger as seasoning, or rosemary and nutmeg. See the full story...
Papp Ildikó

Those pesky ”accents”!

What a difference those marks make!  Yet they are easily conquered once you have made the Hungarian alphabet your own.


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 Hungary Past and Present

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Sisi's lamp
Railway Lamp Museum in Fertőszéplak

Haragovics József, with introduction by Karolina Tima Szabo

When you are visiting or live in Hungary, and you are ready for the unusual, I advise you to visit a very unique museum.  This summer I had an opportunity to see such, thanks to my friend Erzsike Cseh who, after visiting our beloved Bözsi néni’s lace museum (Csipke Muzeum) in Hegykő, took my two sisters and me to the Railway Lamp Museum in Fertőszéplak.  The following article is about the museum, as told us by its owner, Haragovics József. He omitted telling us that he also has a lamp from the interior of the wrecked railroad car of Sisi, Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, in which she traveled from Vienna to Budapest.

The article was written by Haragovics József in the third person.


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Haragovics József

 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

Did you know ....

 ... about Lőcse? 

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Kicsi a Világ

In this great melting pot called the United States, unexpected encounters do happen.  Yet, this one bordered on the shocking.


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Olga Vállay Szokolay