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 Hungary Past and Present

The Old Student Is Sauntering…

Hungary may be unique in celebrating the completion of four years of high school with a festive amble, called “ballagás”, throughout the school premises. Learn more about it from retired school principal Dr. Dora Józsefné, née Tima Irma.

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Dr. Dora Józsefné, née Tima Irma

Lead Line Photo
Rubik’s Cube: Nearing 40 But Still Going Strong

Fads come and go; this year’s hot item will be next year’s has-been. Not so with Rubik’s Cube. What started out as an intriguing fad in the 1970’s is still attracting fans who try to match their wits against the intricacies of the Cube.

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Karolina Szabo

 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

Did you know …

…that a new generation of Hungarian champion swimmers has just shown their mettle?

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