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 Arts and Culture

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Halasi csipke
Hungarian csipke – Lace
Folk art takes many forms. One of the most attractive is lace, be it bobbin lace or needle lace, or any other kind. Here is a sampling of several types of Hungarian lace. See the full story...
Erika Papp Faber

Recipe for November

For Hungarians, cooking liver is not "yuk experience". As a matter of fact,they fancy liver dumpling soup for which you will find a recipe here. For  those who want to avoid liver, we switch gears and present a recipe for almond pastry.

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 Hungary Past and Present

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For the second time this year, we are forced to appeal to your kindness to help out in a national emergency. This time, help is needed to relieve the catastrophic results of the “red sludge” that flooded an entire area in western Hungary, and threatens the ecosystem of the entire Central European region.  See the full story...